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Safeguarding Your Philately Business

Stamp dealers, also known as philatelic dealers, play a crucial role in the world of philately by facilitating the exchange of stamps among collectors and philatelists. Stamp dealers vary in size and specialisation, and they offer a wide range of services to the trade, collectors and enthusiasts.

Protection Against Unforeseen Events

Accidents happen. Whether it’s a fire or flood, theft, burst pipe, accidental damage or loss or damage in transit, the unforeseen can have a catastrophic impact on your business. 

Arranging specialist insurance cover ensures that your business will have the financial resources to recover and to be able to continue offering valuable services to the philatelic sector. Without insurance, your ability to continue trading is at risk.

Collectors Safeguarding Your Stamp Collection

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Customized Coverage

Tailor your insurance to match the unique needs and value of your stamp collection.

Comprehensive Protection

Safeguard your stamps from theft, damage, loss, and unforeseen disasters.

Expert Appraisal Assistance

Benefit from our appraisal services to ensure your stamps are adequately insured.

Stamp and coin Collection Insurance

Safeguarding Your Philately Business

Magnet Insurance offers a tailored insurance policy to ensure financial protection against the multitude of risks faced by Philatelic Traders.

Our policy offers a range of cover options that can be tailored to meet your specific business needs, including:

Stand-alone stamp


Providing protection for:

Stand-alone stamp

Book Debts

Stand-alone stamp

Public Liability – £2m Limit of Indemnity

Stand-alone stamp
Stamps and coins covered

Property Damage

Our policy covers loss, destruction or damage occurring at the insured location/s cased by fire, lightning, explosion, impact from aircraft and other vehicles, theft or attempted theft, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, earthquake, storm, flood and burst pipes.

Automatically covered is:

Stamps and coins covered

Business Interruption

Stamps and coins covered

Goods in Transit

Stamps and coins covered

Money & Personal Assault

Stamps and coins covered

Employers Liability – £10m Limit of Indemnity

Summary of Cover

Download a PDF with more information about cover details.

Peace of Mind

Stamp dealers serve as a valuable resource for collectors, providing access to a wide range of stamps, offering expertise, and helping collectors build and enhance their collections.

Knowing that your business assets and importantly your business liability risks are insured, offers peace of mind and financial protection.

Specialist cover for collectors
Private Collectors


To obtain the full benefit from your insurance it is important that the sums insured are adequate at all times. If they are inadequate then in the event of a claim the amount payable will be reduced in proportion to the degree of underinsurance. The Property Damage section of the policy is index linked to provide a measure of protection against the effects of inflation. This benefit does not apply to other sections of cover.

It makes sense to review the sums insured regularly, particularly if you have refurbished your premises, purchased new equipment or increased stock levels or staff.  Seek professional advice to ensure that the sums insured are correct.

Frequently Asked Questions 

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Magnet Insurance offers a wide range of insurance products, including home and property insurance, specialty insurance for a wide range of hobby collections, including stamps, coins, medals, postcards, model railway and many more.

We like to think we experts in the field of insurance and will always go the extra mile to find the most suitable solution. We are proud of our excellent review scores and our staff our approachable, friendly and knowledgeable and will always treat you with respect and answer phones quickly!

Yes, just drop us an email or phone us with full details and 9 times out of 10 we can amend your current policy to reflect any changes to risk details of coverage.

We will issue your renewal invitation either by email or post, about 3 weeks before your policy expiry date.  This will contain details of how to renew your policy.